Social Impact and Sustainability

At Heating Plus, we strongly believe in our responsibility to contribute to a better future and to inspire positive societal and environmental change. While there are various ways businesses in today’s society can give back to their local and global communities, we strive to do so by ensuring our business operations are sustainable and that we are supporting organisations that align with our company ethos.

One way we give back is by being a proud ‘Partner in Conservation’ with the World Wildlife Fund Australia, an internationally recognised organisation that works to protect endangered species across the world. Being a partner in conservation means that we have a commitment to creating a bright future for Australian and international wildlife.

Heating Plus are also committed to giving back to poverty-stricken communities around the world, which is why we proudly sponsor a family in need through the organisation Bali Smiles. Established in 2006, Bali Smiles is a community sponsorship organisation that provides different families across Bali with education, healthcare, rice and village assistance, with 100% of each donation reaching each family.

Not only is our team passionate about helping those in third world countries, but the disadvantaged here in our own country, helping to combat poverty amongst children in Australia. Our commitment to these communities is evident through our support of The Smith Family, a national organisation that works to create better lives for children affected by poverty and break the dangerous cycle of disadvantage. Heating Plus’s sponsorship of The Smith Family offers a child financial support, guidance, and ongoing access to mentoring programs.

Working to further support our local community, Heating Plus are a proud annual donor to the Barwon Health Foundation, specifically to the Kids Appeal which is currently raising funds to build a new state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre, which will care for young patients with complex conditions such as cerebral palsy and severe brain injuries.

By supporting global communities and making a commitment to sustainability, we hope to inspire action amongst our own community of clients. To learn more about our Heating Plus’s corporate social responsibility efforts or to enquire about any of our industry-leading heating and cooling products in Geelong, please contact us on 0413 458 347 today.