Hydronic trench convectors, Geelong

An alternative in-floor heating system for Geelong homeowners to consider is the hydronic trench convectors. These discreet yet powerful heaters are a wonderful option for homes where floor-to-ceiling windows, furniture or other soft furnishings take up much of the wall space, that could be otherwise used for conventional panel heating.

Looking like a simple vent in the floor, Hydronic trench heaters, are built into a trench in the floor near windows to insulate your home against the cold. The pipes are filled with hot water and activated via a theromstat. The trench is covered with a grill that can be tailored to match your floors and home design and can be paired with our many otherĀ .hydronic heating systems available.

  • Subtle yet effective, without compromising on style

    Hydronic trench convector systems comprise a copper heating element that sits in a trench box built into the flooring.

    The heating element is connected to a hydronic heating circuit to ensure quiet, natural heat filters up to warm the room.

    Each hydronic trench convector unit is covered by a grill, which comes in various styles to match in with any home decor.

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