Hydronic heated towel rails, Geelong

When it’s cold in Geelong, hydronic heated towel rails will make your heart sing. The luxury of getting out of the shower or bath and wrapping yourself in a cosy, warm towel is unbeatable! The gentle heat in the towel rails sits at a low temperature on a thermostat, and air dries your wet towels to perfection. Heated towel rails are most commonly installed with hydronic underfloor heating for that ultra-luxurious lifestyle.

  • Elevate the style and comfort of your bathroom

    Heating Plus have hydronic bathroom towel rails to suit all Geelong homeowners tastes, because they come in a great range of colours and styles.

    Our Geelong hydronic towel heaters work on the basis of heated water circulating throughout pipes - an extremely safe and cost-efficient form of heating.

    Hydronic towel rails are not only great for comfort, but they can also help eliminate germs that flourish in damp towels. By drying your towels after each use, a heated towel rail can keep your family safe from germs. 

  • We're sure to have hydronic towel heaters that will suit your existing bathroom decor or look great in a new home.

    From sleek chrome, to bold black, add that enviable luxe to your bathroom today.

So, to find out more about hydronic heated towel rails, contact Heating Plus and speak with our friendly staff. And remember to ask about our huge range of Geelong hydronic heating systems, and see why we believe hydronic heating is the way to go in heating.

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