Hydronic heating FAQ, Geelong

What areas does Heating Plus service?

Heating Plus is a specialist in Geelong hydronic heating system services. This means we’ll travel anywhere in Geelong and the greater Geelong region for hydronic heating system installations or hydronic heating system servicing and repairs.

What is hydronic heating?

Hydronic heating systems operate on the distribution of warm water through pipes in the home, providing a pleasant, natural form of central or local heating. A boiler heats the water which is circulated in the home and emits heat through the process of convection. The process of releasing heat into a room differs depending on the type of hydronic heating system chosen. Heating Plus in Geelong has hydronic panel heating, hydronic trench convectors, designer panel radiators, heated towel rails and hydronic underfloor heating systems available

Why would you choose hydronic heating system installations over conventional central heating systems?

Hydronic heating systems are optimal for many reasons. They provide a natural, clean form of heating that does not dry out the air or circulate dust or allergens through the home, as with fan-forced heaters. They offer energy and cost efficiency as the cost of heating a boiler is not high and you have the option of hydronic heating zoning. Heating Plus offers a hydronic zoned heating for Geelong customers that enables you to preference areas of the home you want heated over others. This feature of hydronic heating systems obviously saves money as you don’t have the cost of heating the entire home.