Hydronic in-screed heating, Geelong

Geelong hydronic in-screed heating is an underfloor heating alternative to the in-slab hydronic heating systems available in Geelong, the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula. The highly effective yet cost-efficient in-screed hydronic heating is silent, invisible, allergy friendly and 33% cost effective than ducted heating. Unlike other  hydronic heating systems, this type of system is installed under your floor but over your concrete slab. The warmth is controlled by an automatic thermostat ensuring there is no waste or over-heating.

Heating Plus has a reputation for being experts in hydronic in-screed heating. When installing underfloor heating, you want the job done right to a high standard, the first time. At Heating Plus, our experienced team doesn’t cut corners on any Geelong hydronic heating installation.

  • Experience the pure luxury of heated floors

    When you experience the feeling walking barefoot in the middle of winter on your heated floors - you will never go back!

    With every installation of in-screed heating, customers are always thrilled with their decision. In-screed hydronic heating provides a comfortable, long-lasting heat that is incredibly pleasant underfoot.

  • The number one underfloor heating option for home owners

    The secret of the in-screed heating systems is an insulation barrier that sits on top of the concrete slab floor. The in-screed heating pipes lay within this insulation barrier, while another screed layer goes on top before the floor covering is laid.

    This method makes the hydronic in-screed heating a superior underfloor heating option because of reduced heat loss and faster conduction times, along with decreased operating costs.

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