Heating and Air Conditioning Torquay

Heating Plus is the leading provider of premium heating and cooling solutions for clients in Torquay, working to keep the residents of the growing coastal town warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Torquay, along with many other areas of the Surf Coast Shire has grown significantly over the past two decades. Many couples and families are choosing to retreat to the destination to live, retire, holiday and visit, due to its inviting atmosphere, breath-taking landscapes and vibrant small business culture.

We take great pride in servicing the residents and small business owners of Torquay, positively contributing to the growth of the town. Whether you are looking for a heating system to warm the rooms of your home or an air conditioning unit for your retail shop on Bell street, Heating Plus have got you covered.

Our speciality is hydronic heating, an energy efficient and cost effective from of heating that has been used for centuries as a method of underfloor heating. The Heating Plus team are experts in hydronic heating and recommend it to clients across the Surf Coast Shire. If you decide that hydronic heating is for you, we provide consultation and installation services, as well as servicing and repairs for hydronic heating systems.

Clients in Torquay can also choose from our range of designer radiators, in-screed heating, in-slab heating, panel heating, towel heating, trench convectors and zoned heating for their homes or businesses.

When it comes to cooling, our air conditioning systems are industry-leading. We offer high wall split systems, ducted air conditioning units, bulk heat unites and cassettes, which allow us to cater to various cooling needs and requirements. Our team will inspect your home or business and assist you in determining which system is best suited to you as well as provide professional installation, servicing, and repairs when necessary.

To learn more about our heating and cooling products and services available for a range of clients in Torquay or to receive a competitive quote, please drop us a line on 0413 458 347 or email us at [email protected]. If you are located just outside of Torquay, contact us and we can determine if services are available to you