Air conditioning suppliers, Geelong

Heating Plus are air conditioning suppliers in Geelong with access to the newest models from leading brands. We can supply a large range of air conditioning systems including:

  • High wall split systems
  • Ducted air conditioning units
  • Bulk heat units
  • Cassettes
  • Reverse cycle air conditioners

We are also specialists in split system air conditioning. Split systems air conditioning is a great option if you are wanting to cool one room or area. At Heating Plus, David will inspect your home or commercial property, including measuring the area you are wanting to cool and work out what form of cooling would offer you the best results.

Once we have inspected your home, we will then work out what size split system to go for, providing optimal results and ensuring your area or room is at a nice temperature without your split system having to work too hard! We also offer air conditioning servicing in Geelong for a range of units and systems.

At Heating Plus, we pride ourselves on top-quality service and will make sure that you are happy with your experience that you have had with us. We also provide trusted air conditioning installations in Geelong for a range of models.


  • Why split system air conditioning units are a popular choice for homes and businesses

    There is a couple of reasons why so many people love having a high-quality split system unit in their home, the most obvious one being that they work.

    Split system units can effectively cool a space quickly, giving you ultimate control over temperature and much-needed relief from extreme temperatures.

    Another one of the reasons people tend to choose split system air conditioning is that it's an energy-efficient and cost-effective alternative to ducted heating or cooling.

    Split systems are also an attractive option for homeowners, as they often complement the wall, look modern and aren't overly noticeable like older air conditioning units.

  • Split systems from leading brands

    Heating Plus works alongside one of Australia's leading suppliers, so we will work out what split system unit and brand would be best for you and your budget.

    David will then install your split system cooling himself, ensuring you are happy with the service. We are then able to dispose of your old split system if this is something that is needed.

Please contact us to arrange an inspection or to find out more about our range of split system cooling units.

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