High-quality heat pumps for Ballarat clients

When it comes to heat pumps Ballarat clients want advice from industry experts to know they’re making the right choice.

And that’s us – Heating Plus. We’re your go-to team when it comes to the supply, installation and maintenance of heat pumps across the region. We see first-hand the benefits these products bring to homes, such as increased energy efficiency and lower power bills, and we’re not surprised their popularity is on the rise.

Ballarat is no stranger to cold weather. As we head into autumn, the days are already getting crisper. Before we know it winter will hit and quality heating takes centre stage.

So why not investigate whether electric heat pumps can help keep things comfortable at your Ballarat property?

Great energy efficiency

Heat pumps, in simple terms, are heat sources. They can be a welcome part of your heating solution and play an important role in hydronic heating systems. That’s because they produce the hot water. Perfect for in-screed or in-slab heating, they can be left on all winter as they take time to build the heat.

And as we step on warm floors on cold days and enjoy high-performing panel heaters, all thanks to hydronic heating, we can applaud the hard work of these trusty pumps.

Electric hot water heat pumps, which can link in with your solar panel system and batteries to deliver quality energy efficiency, add real value to your home. You’ll enjoy an impressive drop in your hot water bills with these high performers.

The Heating Plus team provides Ballarat clients with:

  • Practical and knowledgeable advice on heat pump options;
  • Access to a great range of premium electric hot water and hydronic heating heat pumps from leading brands including Sanden, Evoheat and Australian-made Ambient;
  • Professional installation and testing.
  • And annual servicing of heat pumps, to ensure they keep working at the optimum level.

For more information about heat pumps Ballarat clients can contact Heating Plus on 0413 458 347. We look forward to hearing from you soon.